Monday, December 02, 2013


I'm not a big re-poster, but I'm compelled to pass this video along: a really cool audio-visualization1 of where various pronunciations and idioms2 are used throughout the country. It greatly pleases my inner armchair linguist. And more specifically, it exactly answers the very question I asked on this blog a little while back: where is raining-while-the-sun-is-shining described as "the devil's beating his wife"? (Discussed in the video around 1:45.) As it turns out, it's mainly used in a region extending from right where I grew up in Virginia on down here through Louisiana and into eastern Texas. (So yeah, the South.) There you have it. Enjoy.

1 Is that a word? Whatever. If not, it is now.

2 "Idioms": sounds funny.


  1. Very interesting and right on!

  2. There are many separations whether it be Region, State, City or even Neighborhood. The Dialect the Lexicon of a neighborhood along with the "accent" of he region, Then you separate that by Race and Culture. what you have is, the Pronunciation words, word usage and slang.

    and "READING IT" is what makes it worse. because everyone tries to Read things in "Standard English"