Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wintry Mix

N.O. is experiencing a wintry mix of excitement and nerves as an ice storm bears down upon us, promising a dose of frozen rain and sleet and (!!) even a possibility of snow. (Snow is approximately a once-a-decade event around here.) Schools are closed. Businesses are closed. (I made groceries last night, and the store felt like it does before a hurricane, everyone stocking up on essentials:food — and a fair bit of booze. The bread section was decimated.) Could be big deal. Could be nothing. Either way, things are mighty quiet here today.

1 This might seem like a ridiculous precaution for what elsewhere would be inconsequential, but remember, we're entirely unequipped for this sort of thing. No one here knows how to drive on ice, so the roads are unsafe. We have no salt trucks. Our electric grid is un-ice-proofed, so there's the possibility of significant multi-day outages. Actual winter? What the hell do we do?


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    For the record, there were two snowstorms during the 5 years that I lived in NOLA. Remember when it snowed on Christmas Day in 2004? Combine those storms with the hurricanes (including Katrina) and the tornadoes (like the one that caused a road closure when Sarah and I tried to go to the temporary DMV and also the one that touched down on my block), and sometimes it feels like I lived there for the most intense 5 years of weather of that city's history. Sigh. And yet I miss it. Stay warm. - Teresa in Cali

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