Monday, February 10, 2014

A (Not Quite) Winter Wonderland

I've expressed similar sentiments before: if weather was a mood, our winters would be a mood disorder — rapid swings from warm to cool, dry to wet, all unpredictably jumbled up. It's currently 5:35 a.m. and a warm-feeling 56 degrees, densely foggy, with water droplets beading on every surface. Yesterday was near-summer-like. A couple of days ago, it was was bone-chilling. And of course, just a little while back we had our Great Ice Storm of 2014  (said in a faux-melodramatic voice). The storm would be a minor thing in many parts, but around here it shut things down: the girls out of school for two days, adults working from home. (It's New Orleans. We don't do icy roads.) And though the girls were disappointed by the absence of snow, sleet and freezing rain were still plenty exciting.

I had a few photos from the storm I'd meant to post but didn't. I will now:

June, wowed by the crust of ice on the windshield

Icy palm frond

The whole family gathers to slip and slide on a frozen puddle.

June finds a leaf embedded in ice.