Thursday, February 20, 2014


So June turned ten yesterday, a big deal. And in our house, that means:
  1. The various typical birthday things: presents, cake, etc.
  2. Lunch at Commander's Palace (a very fancy old-school New Orleans restaurant)
  3. Getting one's ears pierced. (Note: we have two girls. This probably wouldn't be as firmly entrenched as a tradition if we had some boys in the mix.)
The day in photos:

In the morning, sporting her new birthday outfit

At Commander's, in her special birthday har. (June's meal choice consisted of turtle soup followed by gumbo.)

The whole family, in the Commander's lobby.

Outside Commander's. (That blue they have is kind of trippy, but it looks good with the dresses and balloons.)

June getting her first ear pierced. Note the stoic look on her face. The girl didn't event blink.