Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Party Buses

Are "party buses" a phenomenon where you are? (I don't recall seeing them around hear until a few years ago.) Old school buses given a second life: painted purple perhaps, or maybe electric blue; branded with a new name along the side — Club this or Club that; refurbished inside with flashing lights and disco balls and whatever else is required for a party (I've seen one with a stripper pole); tricked out with a thumping stereo system; and just generally turned into a (slightly rough-and-ready) party on wheels. I've seen them roll by with adults in full party-mode; or with a couple dozen kids, hyped on sugar, poking their heads out the windows; even a party caravan: four buses in a row, rolling down St. Charles. Party buses, who thought of that? (I want a party bus-party.)


  1. I haven't seen anything like that! I thought you meant when you rent a bus to take you and all your friends to get super drunk, which is actually a thing here. But your version sounds way better.

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