Monday, May 05, 2014

Tree House and Jasmine

As mentioned, the jasmine blooms. (This is the front yard jasmine. That was the back yard.) And the tree house has revived. It fell into infrequent usage for a while,1 but it's back again, and we're making various "refactorings"2 and enhancements: removing an awkward section that never quite worked, adding new little nooks and platforms — a richer construct in general. Yay, tree houses! Yay, jasmine!

1 It originally had the traditional boards-nailed-into-trunk ladder, but one day some little neighborhood kids decided the tree house looked fun and scampered up uninvited, and while in theory I'd like to welcome everyone with open arms, I certainly wasn't going to accept the liability for one of them falling out and knocking their head, so I had to take down those boards; and then I made a retractable rope laddera that was technically serviceable but was awkward and difficult; but now I devised a new ladder, solid wood, that hooks on, but can be easily removed as needed, making the house once again easily accessible (when and if I choose).
a More specifically, it was a rope ladder with wooden cross-slats. An old drunk, stumbling by while I constructed it in the front yard, informed me that he used that exact kind of ladder back when he worked on ships and that they called it a "Jacob's ladder".
2 As we say in the programming-nerd biz.

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