Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rain or Shine

The Swingers, in their snazzy white and red

Puddle dancing

The queen

We've settled into our summer pattern of afternoon storms. This afternoon it poured. But punctuated by rumbling thunder, the sound of a brass band came from the distance. And grew louder. And louder. A second line! Rolling right past our house! Despite the apocalyptic weather, the Uptown Swingers were marching their annual parade. I raced out into the storm, then dashed to join my neighbors on their porch for a better (drier) view. The second liners danced and smiled (in their soaked but snazzy suits), thoroughly enjoying themselves. The queen sat on the hood of her throne-car, waving her queenly wave. The king stood atop his float, laughing hugely, weather be damned. (Really, they seemed to be having even more fun than usual.) Rain or shine. Keep it going. You've got to respect that.

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  1. Pookie2:04 PM

    Respect it, I do. What people they are!