Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My New Baseball Cap

My new baseball cap. A while back, while traveling, I lost my favorite baseball cap, a red Kreuz cap from Lockhart, Texas. (It currently resides somewhere out back on the family farm in Virginia.) Tragic. Sarah quickly found me a viable replacement (I'm picky), a Yeti coolers hat from a fish and tackle shop in Maryland. (I absolutely have to have a good baseball cap on a road trip.) Then recently, I lost that hat somewhere around the house. (Why do I keep losing them? Will it eventually turn up?) Now I've got a new new one, a Callahan's General Store hat, from Austin, Texas (purchased recently on yet another road trip). It's currently getting settled in, broken in.1 I like it.

1 For me, a newly purchased baseball cap is just a starting point. It must be rigorously molded and stressed: extensive bending and shaping of the brim,a steady wear until it softens and conforms. Until it sits just right, natural-like.
a There are two primary brim styles today:
  1. Conventional (bent): Traditionally, folks bend the cap brim to some degree, increasing eye-protection.
  1. Hip-hop (flat): This is a common youthful style, the brim flat, as if straight from the store.
Like most of my generation, I choose the former. But conventional/bent is a spectrum, and in my rural upbringing, the tendency was towards heavily bent brims, a markedly rounded arc, and I myself continue to favor this style today (though I am less extreme than the country boy I saw at the airport the other day, who's brim was bent in a sharp inverted U, almost to the point of folded in half).


  1. I think your "hat thing" stems from your childhood when you had a baseball cap with a baby chick on it given to you by a great uncle. You loved it and wore it everywhere-to bed, when you took a bath!! In desperation to see you without this hat on your head, I hid it one night on the top shelf of the hall closet! I am sorry!!

    1. Hmm, yes. I believe I am in an eternal primal quest to find this baby chick hat again.