Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Morning Haiku: My Camo Snuggie

As Seen on TV,
Light dappling the forest floor,
My camo Snuggie.1

1 Though fitting the form (if you pronounce “dappling” with two syllables, “dap-ling,” instead of three, “dap-ul-ing”), I’m not sure this exactly follows the spirit of the haiku. But it is a sincere expression of the respect and affection I feel for my camouflage Snuggie, which I have donned this early morning for the first time since last winter. The current temperature is seventy degrees, which is almost the sixties, which by my standards, is cold. (Ah, and it is the autumn equinox. I suppose that is an appropriate time for the onset of Snuggie season.)

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