Friday, September 19, 2014

Pocket Doodles

I’ve been having my fun for a while  iDoodling on the iPad (and previously on the iPhone), but of late I’ve returned to pen and paper. Not a judgement on the merits of one or the other. Just a shifting whim, for whatever reason. And I’ve been carrying around a little sketchbook and pen in my back pocket, in which I doodle little pictures of folks I see (or make up). They’re nothing fancy, crude sketches, but it’s fun to do, makes one notice and think about people and their details and quirks. (And when you start really looking, people sure do have a whole lot of details and quirks.)1

1 Totally tangentially, I’m officially cold right now. It’s 5:20 in the morning, I’m sitting outside, and I’m cold. (I put on a sweater!) Admittedly, I’m the guy who’s always chilled, when everyone else is warm, but this is decidedly not New Orleans summer weather. (Whoah! I just looked at the date, and it’s already late September? I guess it’s about time for the seasons to start getting mixedy-uppedy again.)

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