Sunday, December 14, 2014

Esplanade: Pictures

I’m genericizing the name of the series to “Esplanade”.1 ’Twill include the aforementioned found treasures and curiosities; also ad hoc ruminations; and random snapshots of stuff — such as an assortment of framed pictures, scattered at arbitrary but visually pleasing angles. (In that house right now, you can snap a photo in any direction and stand a pretty good chance of catching something interesting.) The house will be a major theme in our lives for a while, so the series will probably be a major theme for a while too.

1 That reflects our general lingo, referring to the house by the name of the street it’s on. “I’m goin’ to Esplanade…” “I found this at Esplanade…” “I’m feeling stunned and overwhelmed by Esplanade…”

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