Sunday, December 14, 2014

Found Treasures and Other Curiosities: Family Crest

Cool. Apparently we have a crest.1 What does one do with a crest in this day and age? Maybe I’ll get a t-shirt made. I know these things are chock full of symbolism, but the only symbolism I know here is the the tree on the left: "Olivier" means "olive tree," so I'm figuring that's probably an olive tree.I'm curious about the birds.

(So our series is up and running. I promise they won't all be ooh-look-I'm-fancy! There's definitely some fanciness over there but there' also plenty of plain old odd, funny, or curious. On we go.)

1 Olivier de Vezin was the full family name, which was subsequently abridged, as has come up previously.

2 I don't know who did this rendering. Or anything about it at all. (Maybe somebody just made it all up. But if they did, they did a nice job.) Maybe some scrap of paper amidst the many heaps will explain it.


  1. I guess the "Olivier means olive tree" is why we all like olives11