Saturday, April 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday (Er... Saturday1): Stripes, Etc.

Yeah, so when one digs through thousands of old family photos, one is likely to find some hilarious/absurd/embarrassing blasts from the persionalpast.1 Yours truly, Lil' Slim, in 19-sump'n-whenever, at my grandparents house. (June now has that chair in her room.) Wow! Stripes and legs. And check out those shoes! Laughable? Absolutely. But I also think I look pretty fly. If I was in a particularly lively mood (and hadn't already adopted an unwavering daily uniform), I might wear that get-up today. (Especially those shoes. I want those shoes!)

1 I thought I'd posted this on Thursday but subsequently realized I'd neglected to click the "Publish" button. Silly computer. Doesn't it know my intentions?

2 Readers of The Lady's Facebook feed may have seen this before. A while ago. (I'm always late to the party.) Whatever. Still hilarious.

Esplanade: Old Photos

As mentioned, my grandfather Petey was an avid amateur photographer. As we were cleaning up the house, I knew I'd be finding old prints. And I did. Thousands. In my grandfather's semi-hyper-organized manner, many (though definitely not all) were grouped together in manila envelopes, each labeled appropriately: for family photos, which branch of the family; for other stuff, where/when; etc. But in the generally chaotic nature of that house, the envelopes (and miscellaneous stacks) were scattered all over: in random nooks, under stacks of other stuff. Gathering them together was its own significant sub-project. And it wasn't until I'd gathered them — until I'd filled a full size file cabinet from top to bottom with them — that I realized how many I had. As I said, thousands; spanning the decades of his adult life. And many of them are very good. An amazing treasure. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. (A good problem to have.)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Esplanade: Tape Machine

From Uncle Chip's quarters. A lot of my personal favorite little item's come from Chip's apartment: the typewriters and and stenographer's machines and thises and thats. As a contemporary techie, who spends his day interacting with new new stuff, I'm intrigued by the old new stuff. (This phrase made me ponder, is there such a thing as "old old stuff;" to which I respond: yes, rocks (among other things). Rocks have been around since way before us, so to us, they've always been old. Old old. Old old.) Multi-generational technophilia.

I confess, I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what this is is. Clearly a tape machine. But the buttons are confusing. I get the fast-forward and rewind. Ok. Telephone adapter? Interesting. Dictate/listen? One button? Is that a toggle button? It records in "Dictate" mode? Toggle to listen back? And yeah, a Stop button. Ok. So some sort of dictation machine? Obviously not just standard tape recorder/player. I would welcome any enlightenment on the particular nature of whatever this thing is that the fine folks at Embassy have made.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Thought

A thought: might coffeeshops consider, perhaps, having two lines? one for those purchasing the frappe-latte-mocha-ventes1 and one (sort of like the express checkout lane at grocery stores) for the caffeine junkies such as myself who simply want any brown caffeinated liquid poured as expeditiously as possible into any viable container for immediate fiendish consumption, allowing us to quickly move on with our jittery lives?2 Give me my fix. Hold the whipped cream. Much obliged.

1 Drinks which take about five minutes to make and cost as much as a filling lunch. I know these concoctions are popular among some folks, like my daughter, who are merely stopping by to visit Caffeine Town. But I also know folks who drink them, perhaps more than one, every day. That’s a serious chunk of change, an expensive habit. Do they ever have to resort to loan sharks to get their fix? Does Starbucks ever kneecap folks who fall behind on their granita payments?

2 We addicts develop a sixth sense in all matters pertaining to our drug of choice. I was pulling up to the coffeeshop the other day, to grab a quick cup to go, when I saw a gaggle of folks walk in the door ahead of me. I scanned them, read all the subtle signs: that’s four complicated drinks that just got in line. Nuh-uh. No wait. Need coffee now. I headed home and brewed my own damn cup.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Morning Haiku:1 5 A.M.

5 a.m.  and hot.
Far off lightning. World is wet,
night rains passed. Summer?

1 Haiku may be the perfect pre-caffeinated medium: brief, verbal-on-the cusp-of non-verbal, all excess tossed aside; frontal lobes still asleep, no over-thinking to obstruct the desired visceral essence.
Coffee coffee now.
Something pretty dawn, moon, spring...
Coffee gimme now. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

DJ On the Balcony

We sometimes call DJ a “cat-dog”. Though of course he has many typical doggish qualities, his behavior can be quite cat-like: the way he curls up in a lap; his fondness for resting sleepy-eyed in the sun. (And he’s smaller than many cats. We once had to buy him a cat collar because there were no dog collars his size.) And our cats are very fond, on a lovely spring day, of stalking around the perimeter of the balcony, surveying the world below. Apparently DJ likes it too. (Though he looks far goofier doing it.1)

1 Certainly cats can be very silly, as the internet will attest, but I rarely think of a cat as “goofy”. But plenty of dogs are plenty goofy. DJ is plenty goofy plenty of the time .a
a Just his mere existence —as a dog that small — with a scruffy shaggy little beard — is inherently goofy. Oh, you little goofball. (“Goofball” is a weird word.)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Phone Franklin 3146 (Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010. I've been digging through the old archives, thanks to this lovely piece of software.)

Quick Draw: Squiggle Mouth

I'd fallen off the horse on a range of creative endeavors lately, but in particular, I wasn't doing much of any drawing. Hopping back on the horse? Just make some crap, regardless of results. Quick. Dirty. Just do something. And thus was born Squiggle Mouth, not my greatest creation, but he has a certain something about him.

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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Morning Haiku:1 Rooster2

I know the rooster.
We share the hour before dawn.
Friends who've never met.

1 There are many rules to haiku. This violates plenty of them (as, most likely, do most of my others), but I just woke up, and the caffeine is only just reaching my neurotransmitters. Counting syllables is hard enough. Please forgive me.

2 Second haiku in a row mentioning the rooster. Perhaps this will evolve into a whole rooster-haiku series.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


'Tis the season. (They're delicious. Just don't look at them too closely.)