Monday, April 13, 2015

A Thought

A thought: might coffeeshops consider, perhaps, having two lines? one for those purchasing the frappe-latte-mocha-ventes1 and one (sort of like the express checkout lane at grocery stores) for the caffeine junkies such as myself who simply want any brown caffeinated liquid poured as expeditiously as possible into any viable container for immediate fiendish consumption, allowing us to quickly move on with our jittery lives?2 Give me my fix. Hold the whipped cream. Much obliged.

1 Drinks which take about five minutes to make and cost as much as a filling lunch. I know these concoctions are popular among some folks, like my daughter, who are merely stopping by to visit Caffeine Town. But I also know folks who drink them, perhaps more than one, every day. That’s a serious chunk of change, an expensive habit. Do they ever have to resort to loan sharks to get their fix? Does Starbucks ever kneecap folks who fall behind on their granita payments?

2 We addicts develop a sixth sense in all matters pertaining to our drug of choice. I was pulling up to the coffeeshop the other day, to grab a quick cup to go, when I saw a gaggle of folks walk in the door ahead of me. I scanned them, read all the subtle signs: that’s four complicated drinks that just got in line. Nuh-uh. No wait. Need coffee now. I headed home and brewed my own damn cup.

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  1. pookie9:48 PM

    This is exactly what I think every time I go into a coffee shop to buy a cup of the brown liquid as quick as possible!!