Thursday, April 09, 2015

DJ On the Balcony

We sometimes call DJ a “cat-dog”. Though of course he has many typical doggish qualities, his behavior can be quite cat-like: the way he curls up in a lap; his fondness for resting sleepy-eyed in the sun. (And he’s smaller than many cats. We once had to buy him a cat collar because there were no dog collars his size.) And our cats are very fond, on a lovely spring day, of stalking around the perimeter of the balcony, surveying the world below. Apparently DJ likes it too. (Though he looks far goofier doing it.1)

1 Certainly cats can be very silly, as the internet will attest, but I rarely think of a cat as “goofy”. But plenty of dogs are plenty goofy. DJ is plenty goofy plenty of the time .a
a Just his mere existence —as a dog that small — with a scruffy shaggy little beard — is inherently goofy. Oh, you little goofball. (“Goofball” is a weird word.)

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