Thursday, April 23, 2015

Esplanade: Tape Machine

From Uncle Chip's quarters. A lot of my personal favorite little item's come from Chip's apartment: the typewriters and and stenographer's machines and thises and thats. As a contemporary techie, who spends his day interacting with new new stuff, I'm intrigued by the old new stuff. (This phrase made me ponder, is there such a thing as "old old stuff;" to which I respond: yes, rocks (among other things). Rocks have been around since way before us, so to us, they've always been old. Old old. Old old.) Multi-generational technophilia.

I confess, I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what this is is. Clearly a tape machine. But the buttons are confusing. I get the fast-forward and rewind. Ok. Telephone adapter? Interesting. Dictate/listen? One button? Is that a toggle button? It records in "Dictate" mode? Toggle to listen back? And yeah, a Stop button. Ok. So some sort of dictation machine? Obviously not just standard tape recorder/player. I would welcome any enlightenment on the particular nature of whatever this thing is that the fine folks at Embassy have made.

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