Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Check. Mate.

Sarah was in California last week for work/etc. and kept texting us photos of rolling wine country hills and majestic mountains and gorgeous rugged shorelines. It was really much too much.

So a quick trip to Rouse’s later… boom!

I sent her this photo: our first crawfish of the season.1

Check. Mate.

Is there any mountain more majestic than a mountain of hot well-seasoned crawfish ready for the eating? What our murky south-Louisiana swamps lack in scenic vistas, they make up for in cook-able deliciousness.

1 It really is thoughtful of nature, just as Carnival season winds down, to ease us into crawfish season. Lent is hardly a hardship when you can eat all the crawfish you want. (Not that most people around here seem overly burdened with Lenten austerity anyway; pre-Lenten indulgence gets a lot more emphasis.)

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