Monday, March 06, 2017

There's No Biz-ness Like Sno-Bliz-ness

Kids. The funny thing about kids is that, with proper care and watering, they turn into adults. Not all at once, but little by little, incrementally doing increasingly adult-ish things (they sneak it up on you, the crafty bastards), until before you know it, the little runtling who used to devotedly slurp down rainbow Hansen's Sno-Blizzes1

has grown about eight feet and gone out and gotten a frickin' job at Hansen's!

Yeah, an actual job with actual paychecks and stuff.2 She worked her first shift this weekend. (The toppings station.)

Holy crike-er-oni...

1 If you're not familiar, Hansen's takes some explaining, but suffice it to say, it's a unique magical (James-Beard-award-winning) sweet-frozen-delight-serving extrah-vuh-gahn-zuh. Immediately after dropping Louise off, I headed straight to the back of the line. It took me a full hour to actually get to the front, but my half-cream-of-almond/half-cream-of-ice-cream/topped-with-sweetened-condensed-milk Sno-Bliz was glorious!

2 I had to help her fill out her first W4s. I kindly explained to her, "Being an adult can be pretty cool, but the paperwork sucks."

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