Friday, September 22, 2017

This Old House: Movin’ On Up

So you remember that big old crazy-ass house I was talking about? The one with all the labyrinthine twists and turns? The great house-a-logical puzzle? Well, um, we’re living in it now. Yep, all fixed up (well, mostly) and ready for the habitating. (Actually, we’ve been in for a few weeks, but I’ve been woefully slacking on my house-updates — too busy luxuriating in the splendor.)

How about a little bit of celebratory historical context (from my recent Petey-photo-archives dive):

Left: The house as it looked fifty-nine years ago, when my grandparents, dad, etc. moved in. (Note the freakishly-rare-in-New-Orleans snow on the ground.)

Right: The house as it looks now, when my self, wife, kids, dogs, and cats moved in. (Note the utterly-typical-in-New-Orleans absence of snow on the ground.)

I could gush at length, but for the moment, I will simply say, it’s de-lovely.


  1. pretty nice, but why not swap out that fusty old iron deal with one of these bad boys:

  2. #tasteful

  3. Was just visiting your fair city and taking taxi up to City Park. Looking around, admiring the houses, I saw one with unique, blue windows. "Wait," I thought, I've seen a house like that somewhere before..." -- looks lovely! Congratulations.